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Dec 11, 2010
Well said...

Trey is one of the absolute best. He has achieved “One Of My Favorite Humans” status and that ain’t easy.

He is launching a training app. He seems to have a talent for using tech in a very practical way. I would be interested in trying that if I had a player at an appropriate stage of their journey.
Jan 6, 2009
Chehalis, Wa
I think he can stretch better 🤷‍♂️

What’s his stats, never heard of him.

I don’t see the upper back stretch. Looks more like he just locks in the hands/upper body early.

OR, he is shortening the stretch to hit an inside pitch? Everything did look forward a little.
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May 16, 2019
I think its time, past time, to put this thread to rest with my final recap.
1. Swinging one legged does not mean you don't use and leverage against the front leg, it means you load and control the forward move from the rear leg.
2. Swinging the foot down removes the timing variable that can create timing confusion for young hitters having to weight the front foot before swinging. This can lead to being late, ineffectively loading , and pushing or dropping the hands. If your teaching a pro, you can ignore this one.
3. The initial leverage of the swing is in the coiled rear leg along with the oblique's and low back muscles. A lot of the launch quickness comes from here. Launch quickness is how Richard sold Arron Judge on HLP. Richard was quicker.
4. The weight and balance over the rear leg by a coiled leg and the back muscles is more controllable and precise than a lateral shift and fall in to the front leg. This gives the hitter more time to be early and wait for the pitch.
5. The load is your swing. HLP spends more time on preparing to swing. Hitters that master this have a huge advantage in timing the pitch. Being early and waiting on the pitch is different than rushing to catch up to the pitch.
6. The loaded launch position is the key to a consistent swing and barrel path. It also helps hitting in a bigger zone by using the torso and shoulders to align the barrel to the ball. Take the arms out of getting to the ball. Knob and hands by the way of the torso and last the arms.
7. Hitting with an unconscious mindset is something we strive for our players, HLP blends well.
8. Enough has not been said about a strong triangle. I should have spent more time on the contributions of strong all in triangle. The triangle helps keep the barrel direction toward the pitcher longer.
9. I've enjoyed everyone post, yes everyone, some more than others but I understand that I've hitched my wagon to someone that is viewed as prickly, stubborn and not liked as Richard is, I naturally expected some hate mail.
10. I hope by now you get my true intention in sharing these threads and post. I was a very frustrated coach and dad for a very long time and recently some of my students are experiencing breakthroughs beyond their expectations in hitting and pitching. I don't try to sound like an expert or know it all but little I know I'm happy to share. Stay off the rise ball .....

Shout out to W =W TDS and Pattar for challenging me to be better...
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Jan 6, 2009
Chehalis, Wa
Have taught my DD some aspects of HLP. She’s gotten more consistent which is what we were looking for. The forward move is more controlled and som upper coil is evident. This is from last Sunday at a community college showcase

I think she can start a tick sooner. What is the goal of hitting? Consistently hitting the ball well. That’s pretty much the sum of it all.
Jul 16, 2013
It proves that you can use either leg in the golf swing. Also that back leg ‘magic’ is a fallacy. Hitting is not golf. It’s a two legged event.
I still cannot understand your addiction to this conversation. I had my fill of it more than 5 years ago. All of the same posts over, and over, and over, and over.... It's like groundhog day.

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