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  • Straightleg,
    Hate to bother you.I have been working with my 13yo DD on hitting have been reading and rereading your post and Howard Carrier's(Hitter) post on the forums.I would like to have any and all info and videos you could send me.They have been removed.I think Howard and you explain things that a guy like me can understand.Again hate to bother you.If you can my e-mail address is rdbass4fun@verizon.net I will continue to you your and Hitters old post.Thanks

    As Wookie advised what my daughter learned from Howard’s post and a clinic held in GA by Bustos has really made a difference in my daughters hitting. I appreciate Howard’s information and found it very valuable as I’ve helped my daughter and others and have told him so in emails.

    Below you will find a link to a good hitting sight for softball at the bottom you will find some videos from Sue and Mike on drills and techniques on hitting just thought you may be interested. Go to the bottom WP to the videos click on the video colum to view the videos.

    I also appreciate you posting the videos you posted and your daughter hitting skills were very impressive!!!

    Thanks again.

    Mike Peppers

    Hey about how long are the sections on your "connector" device? I made one today and I made mine about 14" long and I think that is a little short
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