Best Chair for Parents/Fans???

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Oct 10, 2018
I have this one, it's very sturdy, very well made and fairly wide. The seat can get warm on hot days though. Love the pockets for phone and insulated beverage slot. The padded arms are comfortable and keep it from getting hot in the sun. It's not too heavy and comes with a shoulder strap (we just throw it in the wagon). I've had this since 2104 and it still looks/feels brand new despite constant weekend use at dog shows and softball. Ps. the back support comes off pretty easily (is secured with a washer/screw) and can be sent to an embroiderer to have your DD's logo put on it. It comes in lots of colors. $90 for purple but blue and some other colors are $65
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Aug 11, 2016
Renetto ( This this the best chair we have had, after trying many. Like it so much that we have 3, one for my wife and I, and an additional one for our daughter when she is on breaks.

The best feature is the sun cover, very flexible, you can angle the front to preference.... it also have a screen on the back, for those times when you may be in the center of multiple fields and in the foul line of fire...

There are a bunch of options you can add, like flaps on the side of covers to escape the sun hitting you on the face... and we also added the feet stool, which is a great option.

It is on a heavier side, but with a backpack carrying option, is not that bad. We also have one of these foldable carts, so, not an issue for us.

Apr 5, 2013
Back on the dirt...
The rocker is great for the back and bottom as it allows you to adjust the pressure point by rocking And changing positions. I would suggest getting the tallest one you can find so you sit above the top fence rail.

I have a garage full of chairs and the rocker is my favorite by far.

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