Umps calling strikes above batter's head

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Jun 18, 2023
If you think it is an umpire issue you are not going to find to much sympathy. Figure it out.

That was the point of the post. To "figure it out", and see if there was something different adjustment I could suggest she make to take away the pitches over her head. Not looking for sympathy, certainly not for me, but even the kids just starting out at this level have a pretty good sense that a pitch above their head or a pitch that barely clears the plate isn't really a "hittable" pitch that we want them trying to crush, and then they turn to the coaches to figure out what they're supposed to do about it, and it'd be nice to have answer besides "sometimes an AB sucks and you just gotta come back and try again"
May 13, 2023
➡️ Train to hit more than strikes, is training to make adjustments ⚠️?

Sometimes the pitcher you're facing is incredibly awesome and you have to do what you can to make something happen!
( I would put strange enlarged umpiring Strike Zone in the same category, strange umpiring Strike Zone can make a pitcher seem better)

This is the oops flinger pitch I received story.

While playing against UCLA. In the Box facing one of the top pitchers in the nation. From a pitcher who was clearly dominating the game, and an oops pitch was very rare.

Cannot remember previous pitches in this at bat but I remember this sequence. Received a beautiful change-up. That was going to be a strike and was. Of which I commenced to swing a beautiful swing... 2 feet too soon.

The next pitch was a very high pitch.
in fact, it was so high it was clearly a foot over my head, literally coming at me over my head in the center of the batter's box. Of which I turned on it and drove my Barrel higher than my head and contacted just in front of myself. And hit a line drive over the third baseman's head for a base hit. ( actually think the height of the pitch and contacting it where I did produced the base hit. Had it been lower the line drive could have been lower and the third baseman could have caught it)

When facing a pitcher who can definitely assert their dominance, striking out batters, and throwing off timing.
For Me, While batting, any pitch that I could do something with to at least put the ball in play was really important.
So I did. I found a pitch that I could get my bat on. Just happened to be,
Nowhere near the strike zone.

Yes I do think that having a good eye and walking is important to the game. However in a situation where a walk isn't going to win the game, and a walk is going to be a very rare thing almost no walks...
Putting the ball in play is critical !
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