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Jul 1, 2022

I have a clip of my DD taking a swing of front toss, some things I noticed.

1) Foot gets down when ball is about halfway to the plate. Is this too late? Should it be down sooner (at pitch release)?

2) Hands gets disconnected on the load, back elbow drops before foot is down. Then hands drag the bat straight across messing up the bat path.

Is 2) caused by 1)?

Any suggestions or other observations would be great. She hits great off the tee (makes sure to have hands stay connected and get foot down before hands go)

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Jul 1, 2022
She’s got a good swing for a 7yo. Keep it fun and don’t try to teach her much. Let her be an athlete (which she looks to be). You get to telling her a bunch of stuff and she’s gonna slow down and start thinking. JMO
I appreciate it. I'm definitely going to just let her swing it without making her think too much.

These questions are moreso for my own education. IMO thing that'll improve her swing the most at this point in time is just growing naturally and getting bigger/stronger.

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Apr 20, 2018
She is way ahead of the average 7 year old. Get her a short bat she can do one handed tee work with. Have her create line drives to the right side with just her front arm. Should clean up that down and across swing path. Stick to task oriented instruction. She will figure it out.
Also, don't be afraid to pitch the ball a little faster/flatter.
Jan 1, 2024
VERY good swing! Do not go down the rabbit hole of nitpicking her mechanics. Some athletes fall into good mechanics naturally and this one swing shows your kid is one of them. Physics guides the mechanics of the swing and her body has found those mechanics by feel. She appears to already be at the point where training should be centered more around sharpening her timing, hitting based on pitch location, and training bat speed (just keep reminding her to swing hard). The only thing your daughter could improve on here is to work on not looping her bat (keep the bat head up and take it to the ball without letting it first drop). Many coaches try to fix something that's not broken. Your kid ain't broken!
May 15, 2008
Cape Cod Mass.
For a player this young I would recommend getting a plastic bat have her swing at some whiffle balls. One major problem I see all the time is that the bat is too heavy, which leads to bat drag, the bat head drops and the elbow gets in front of the hands. I see some of that in this swing. Once bat drag gets in there it's very persistent and difficult to change.

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