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Aug 10, 2016
DD played in her first tourney with her new team. They've only had 2 practices and not even with the entire team. We also were missing 3 girls but still had 10 at this one.
It was a 4GG with 3 pool/showcase games with blind draw SE on Sunday.
Won our first two games 2-1 and then won big in our 3rd game to go 3-0 on Saturday. DD struggled a bit at the plate. She ROE in the first and then just kept popping up. Finally managed a double in the third game. Also played catcher a bit and had a perfect throw but the girl sliding into 2nd must have hit our SS's glove and popped the ball out :( But it was a great throw - beat the runner for sure.

Sunday - another big win to start the day. Next game - played a team that was also undefeated and who had been hitting lots of HRs. We did give up a HR but managed a win there. That was our closet game. Won big in the next and then won the championship - to go 7-0 on the weekend.

DD still struggling a bit - only managed a .250 BA. She did get some good contact - line drive right at 3B and then another one that went right to the CF. So better than her popups at least. Hopefully she can make some adjustments and get some hits this upcoming weekend :)

So far really excited to see how the season goes :)

Here is her throw down - she really doesn't catch all that often - she caught a little bit last season but OF has been her primary for a few years now. She still has a lot to re-learn as far as blocking, etc.. She did say she doesn't really like standing and throwing - she'd rather throw from her knees but the pitch was high.
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