Did I do the right thing? (leaving a team)

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Jun 8, 2016
Fair play, though we've certainly enjoyed playing at the larger, more accommodating parks that host the tournaments compared to the local, less than stellar fields we encountered with rec. DD could easily practice daily with multiple 10u teams merely because of relationships formed through tourny days. They wouldn't allow this in our local rec, would call it a safety issue.
My DD moved on to 10U tournament ball when she was about to turn 8. We had enough of rec machine pitch..
Jun 22, 2019
Would you rather teams just schedule friendlies? Curious as to why you feel that way, and what other alternatives would you suggest?
It’s because the kids don’t even know the score most of the time in 8U. Kids start to understand the game around 9-10 and you can really start working on technique. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy it, just don’t take it to serious.


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Nov 14, 2014
I'd also add that there are future college players who are probably in middle school now and still have not yet picked up a softball.

Possibly, but they'll need to peddle very fast. I do know of a Div 1 infielder...great hitter...who started her softball career as an 11yo in 12 Rec.
Feb 24, 2021
I agree with what Pattar said, my DD started playing 10U when she was going on 8 as well. If your DD has the skill set to hit live pitching and had an understanding of the game why not just move her up to 10U? I am sure there are teams that are forming for 10U with your DD's birth year in your area. Just my opinion.
Dec 2, 2013
I’m in the why have 8U tournaments camp.
Back in Rec ball days, DD made the 10U All Star team (the 2nd team). Her age would allow her to play 8U coach pitch all stars. Dad asked me if she would play for him. I said no thanks, we are doing kid pitch. Coach pitch is not gonna help her. The team sucked A$$ (DD too), but they got 3rd out of 5 teams in their last tourney and the rest is history. I am glad we chose NOT to play 8U All stars.
Mar 4, 2015
New England
How much time was left in the season? Was the team going to restart in fall, as in August, or in 2022? If it's just a few more weeks, I'd stick it out. If it's through 2021, then I'd consider pulling her if she's being bullied. I can't judge if she's being bullied. Only you can make that call.

Also, do you mean this literally: DD wound up batting last every tournament we played, even though she's a double or triple hitter with excellent consistency while we went three and out most of out 1st innings.

I've never seen a consistent doubles/triples hitter bat last on any travel team, and I've never seen a team go 3-and-out most of the time in the first inning unless they were complete entry level biting off more than they were ready to chew. So if you're exaggerating here, then I don't know if you're exaggerating the other stuff as well. Also, you talk her batting last, then say your DD doesn't care where she bats. If she doesn't care where she's batting, then batting position is no reason to leave a team early.

So it comes down to the bullying part. If it's truly bullying, then get her out of there. If it's just that she doesn't fit in, and the season is about to end, stick it out. I can't answer.

One other thing. You say this: After my wife and I had a discussion, and after having talks with a few friends who coach older TB teams about what was going in, I made the decision to pull her from the team mid season.

Was your daughter in on these discussions? Did she come to you questioning whether she wanted to stay on the team? How did she feel about leaving the team before she left?
Mar 4, 2015
New England
Also, the reason to play 8U tournaments is because .... it can be fun!

Not everything has to be about ''development.'' I started an 8U tournament team for just 4 tournaments back in the day from our small 8U rec league and got a couple of girls from 10U rec who were still 8, one of which had played travel ball in 10U but got kicked off the team for immaturity. She loved the 8U tournaments. That girl, all grown up now, just hit .400 in the ACC, fwiw. Just do what's fun at this age. It that's 8U or 10U, doesn't matter.
Mar 4, 2015
New England
Right but it is also probably at least 5 times as expensive as rec..I paid like $50 for my kids rec seasons..

Good point. All we did was 4 tournaments, all within an hour. There's certainly less expensive fun out there than full-bore 8U travel. High risk of burnout for that age, as well.
May 6, 2015
8u travel is pretty ridiculous IMHO. play rec, and work on the side with your DD if you want.

is it kid pitch? if so, pretty much guaranteed to be terrible (ie walkfests and stealing/PB/WP). if it is coach or machine pitch, it is just live BP.

and guaranteed, 8 out of 10 of the top players at 8u will be slightly above average at 12u . . . because they are most likely simply the players further ahead in physical development . . . which will all come pretty much equal in a few years, and those kids who are more fundamentally sound but were slower to develop will soon standout. if a kid is truly physically that far ahead of most girls her age, move them up to 10u , and if the rest start to catchup, keep them where they fit in physical development wise.

that being said, I hear what the OP is saying, and if coach would not address it, and hold at least his DD accountable for the team chemistry , then it will never be fixed, move on.

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