Camps for an 8th grader?

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Jan 1, 2023
@DropcityUSA I apparently need to get your DD autograph because she is showing up in my feed throwing her drop. Pretty cool.
Lol. It’s all about marketing.

Surprisingly, her YouTube videos get a lot of views, usually 200-500, some even more. No idea who’s watching highlight pitching videos of a middle schooler.
Jan 20, 2023
Unless your DD is an absolute stud pitcher throwing 64 plus the college coaches do not have time to even glance at your DD. They are too busy sorting thru the 2025s and even 2024s.

So, I signed my daughter up for a 2 day camp at our local state U -D1. I’m not sure if it was due to the weather being absolutely miserable- but I was really impressed with the attention the coaches gave the kids. Saturday they were pretty focused on the prospects and committed kids (who were fun to watch!)- but come Sunday the coaches were working with the younger kids. My 8th grader got a few minutes of 1:1 pitching with the head coach and the ratios were crazy low of player to camper. She loved it! The pitching was less $$$ than I could have rented a lane for and one of the pitchers really worked with her on making her change up look more like her fb.
I will happily sign her up for more camps there. In the middle a blizzard getting a jump start on the season was great.
Jan 1, 2024
If your 8th grader enjoys college camps, its a good thing. College coaches will not be looking at 8th graders for recruiting purposes, but the fact that she is seeing campuses at her age is excellent. Whether or not she aspires to play softball in college is irrelevant. Such experiences put college in her mind and plants the seed that her life after high school is approaching.

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