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Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
Folks saying just go with a baseball glove I would disagree with. Women's hands are smaller and different than men's Both My sister who played College bal (35 years agoLOL) and my daughter currently playing college club (was offered several scholarships just decided she was ready to maven from softball being here entire life, but still plays). Used men/boys gloves for years both moved to women's targeted softball gloves and would not go back. My sister uses a Nokona (Yes they are heavier and have a long breaking, but it is so well made it is probably going to be passed on to her granddaughters one day). My daughter uses Rawlings Liberty advanced. Here is another thought to see what she really Ikes. Run by a Play-It-Again-Sport and grab a used glove in the size you are looking at and see if she likes it. Then shell out the cash for a quality glove that she can use for years
I can promise you that 90% of the baseball gloves I recommend here have been vetted, I can't own / try / and use every glove out there myself but I have had quite a few in my time.

The one's I really preach for infield (Pro1000, Pro205 & 206, and occasionally a 12.25" Pro207), I know those gloves will work, and work incredibly well for most females say 13 and up with the wrist closure tightened up.

There's a reason I never, or hardly ever recommend a RV23, Pro208, NP7, Pro504, Pro303, those are a real men's gloves, and are too much glove for all but the biggest of ladies even though there's still exceptions!

And even certain outfield gloves I recommend that I've never tried myself, tighten the wrist and wear it TIP and they'll work with probably 90% of the HS aged girls out there.
Nov 1, 2022
My 15 year old's current glove (Rawlings 12.5") is nearing the end of its life and we are looking at new gloves. She plays SS for her Varsity High School Team and Outfield for her Travel Ball Team so we are looking for a glove that can serve both positions.

She would like an H or I web (though we are open to other options) and we have been looking at getting a 12" (open to 12.25" or even 12.5") glove of better quallity leather that will hopefully last longer, form a good pocket, is soft leather (easy to break in) and is not too heavy. Her current glove was a very cheap one that did not do well forming a pocket (has bubbles in the pocket and finger area) and is pancaked at this point, but my daughter likes the lightness of it (it is 15.3 oz) and how soft and easy to close and maneuver.

After some research we purchased a Wilson A2000 Spin Control SR 32 Sierra Romero 12". We got a factory breakin treatment and after a month of using it daily at practices, catching, etc., using some glove conditioner, as well as every day taking a mallet to it, the glove is still very stiff for her preference and the balls just keep popping out of it. It also stings her hand quite a bit when catching the ball. Not sure if we just need a lot more time breaking it in or what, but we are considering returning it.

We have been considering the following gloves that we would appreciate any advice and feedback on.

1. Wilson A1000 IF 12" - This advertises as softer and easier to break in. Not sure of the quality of leather. The pockets of Wilsons seem well designed
2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Sierra Romero 12" - Advertises as softer and more game ready. Seems to be good quality leather. Concerned about the weight (A Rawlings representative said that it was 32 oz which seems crazy heavy. Wondering if that is accurate). We are concerned about the pocket development as well with Rawlings as it looks like the thumb portion of the glove curves outward on a lot of the Rawlings models.
3. Nokona X2 Elite 12" - Looks to be very high quality leather and good company
4. Nokona Walnut 12" - Looks to be very high quality - concerned about ease of break in
5. Rawlings R9 12" - Softer leather. Same concern about pocket development over time.
6. Louisville Slugger LXT 12.5"

Thanks for everyones feedback!

We have used the LS LXT 11.75 for the SS position and it is a great glove. I just saw some for $95 online in a search RHT. It will lose its grey color over the course of a season. Larger gloves for infield at age 15 and up are slower, meaning slower transfer time to throw. We see a lot of 12's out there but the really good SS's mostly have 11.75 at SS. I was the weird coach out there asking the other players what glove they used and why so I could guide my players in the right direction. The LXT has a serious break in process. Rawlings Liberty 11.75 breaks in much faster and works as well and lasts about the same length of play. My opinion... and it is only my opinion on Nokona gloves is that they are made very well and the feel of the glove is up to the player. Some girls love them some don't. You are going to pay for them dearly though. Some of their models seems heavy, or at least heavier than other brands too. All depends on your mission-get a glove that will work well and last a while and not spend $200+, or go for the uber high end gloves that will last longer. Not going to make your daughter catch/field better. What if she wants to try a different glove after shelling out $3-400? Bust out the credit card....

I wanted to add this- Just got back from a mega tournament, 18U players. Saw a couple of girls out there with some low end gloves and they were rockin em. Franklin outfield glove, and a Wilson A 800 Optima and they seemed to catch balls very well, granted those girls had skills.
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