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Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
1. Wilson A1000 IF 12" - This advertises as softer and easier to break in. Not sure of the quality of leather. The pockets of Wilsons seem well designed
2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Sierra Romero 12" - Advertises as softer and more game ready. Seems to be good quality leather. Concerned about the weight (A Rawlings representative said that it was 32 oz which seems crazy heavy. Wondering if that is accurate). We are concerned about the pocket development as well with Rawlings as it looks like the thumb portion of the glove curves outward on a lot of the Rawlings models.
3. Nokona X2 Elite 12" - Looks to be very high quality leather and good company
4. Nokona Walnut 12" - Looks to be very high quality - concerned about ease of break in
5. Rawlings R9 12" - Softer leather. Same concern about pocket development over time.
6. Louisville Slugger LXT 12.5"
Blunt and honest, here's how I personally see this list, and since I've never owned a single one of these it won't be pretty! ;)

1. No!
2. Absolutely the only thing on this list I'd consider buying, even though it's a softball glove. Looks somewhat like a Pro1000 pattern? The Gold lace and binding are a definite no no!
3. Never owned, used, or even handled this model Nokona, love the whole "Made in America" thing, never been a fan of Nokona though...
4. Never owned a Walnut but have used and handled quite a bit. Super heavy, super oily leather, the inside feels like it was finished with a bastard file!! The Legend series with Sandstone leather is THE only Nokona I'd ever consider!
5. R9...No!
6. Louisville Slugger still makes gloves??

Sorry, I know I'm absolutely no help with your list!

Edit: Line 3, are you saying you'd pay $500 for a X2 Elite instead of buying both (2) infield & outfield gloves separately? If so, I don't understand that?
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Apr 20, 2018
Take the A2000 you have already purchased and keep pounding creases and pocket on a hard surface. Then go to the batting cage with dimple ball pitching machine and feed ball at 55 mph and have her catch the ball in the pocket for 30 minutes. She could probably catch over 250 balls in thirty minutes. Repeat if needed.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
Here’s you a smoking deal on a great glove!

Finish breaking in the A2000, buy this Easton, you’ll be set.
Nov 15, 2019

what is the difference between HOH and Liberty Advanced? Is one easier to break in then the other? How is the pocket formation over time with Rawlings and does it keep it shape / pocket? My daughter currently has a Rawlings and it has pancaked (even though we kept a ball in it when she wasn't using it) and bubbles / bulges formed in the pocket and finger area.
The Liberty Advanced breaks in much quicker then the HOH or A2000. DD has all 3 of those gloves. She had a liberty advanced catcher's glove that lasted about 2 1/2 years. I thought that was pretty good considering how much a catcher's glove is used. She then got a Wilson a2000 catcher's glove, which I didn't even try to break in. I sent it to The Glove Breaker. It was well worth the $50 or whatever I paid to have it broken in.

The HOH we've had about 3 1/2 years and was recommended to us by AnnasDad. It's a 12in baseball glove. It's holding up extremely well. It took a while to break in, my daughter caught a lot of balls off a pitching machine with it and that really seemed to help. Whatever you do, don't ever get a glove steamed!
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Jul 4, 2015
Folks saying just go with a baseball glove I would disagree with. Women's hands are smaller and different than men's Both My sister who played College bal (35 years agoLOL) and my daughter currently playing college club (was offered several scholarships just decided she was ready to maven from softball being here entire life, but still plays). Used men/boys gloves for years both moved to women's targeted softball gloves and would not go back. My sister uses a Nokona (Yes they are heavier and have a long breaking, but it is so well made it is probably going to be passed on to her granddaughters one day). My daughter uses Rawlings Liberty advanced. Here is another thought to see what she really Ikes. Run by a Play-It-Again-Sport and grab a used glove in the size you are looking at and see if she likes it. Then shell out the cash for a quality glove that she can use for years

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