List of Nursing Friendly Softball College Programs

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Jan 23, 2014
Leesburg, Va
Known Nursing Friendly Softball College Programs:
Fairfield U (CT) - D1
St Francis (PA) Red Flash - D1
Liberty (VA) - D1
South Alabama (AL) - D1
Alabama (AL) - D1

Dominican College (NY) - D2
Concordia - Portland (OR) - D2
Holy Names (CA) - D2
Willliam Jewell (MO) - D2
University of Charleston (WV) - D2
Winona State (MN) - D2
Alderson Broaddus (WV) - D2
Augustana (SD) - D2
University of Missouri at St Louis (MO) - D2
Catawba College (NC) D2
Lee University, (TN) - D2

St Catherine’s (MN) - D3
Ohio Northern (OH) - D3
Carroll University (WI) - D3
Alvernia (PA) - D3
Buffton U (OH) - D3
Salve Regina (RI) - D3
The Sage Colleges (NY) - D3
New England Nor'Easters (ME) - D3
Endicott (MA) - D3
Becker (MA) - D3
Millikin (IL) - D3
U Dallas (TX) - D3
Mary Hardin Baylor (TX) - D3
St Jospehs College Brooklyn (NY) - D3

Viterbo V-Hawks (WI) - NAIA
Avilka (KS) - NAIA
Lourdes (OH) - NAIA
Lyon College (AK) - NAIA
Grace College (IN) - NAIA
Bethel College (IN) - NAIA
Spring Arbor (MI) - NAIA
Concordia (MI) - NAIA
Grand View University (IA) - NAIA

Colleges With Known Previous Nursing Majors who played Softball
Georgetown (DC) - D1
Bethune Cookman (FL) - D1
Nova Southeastern (FL) - D2
Eastern Louisiana (LA)- D2
Georgia Southwest (GA) - D2
Palm Beach Atlantic (FL) - D2
University of St. Francis (IL) - NAIA

If people post other programs I will add and maintain.
This is probably worth being a sticky - even to just help destroy the myth.
Yes, it is a lot of work - but yes, it is possible. Same with any other academic goal.
Couple more recent schools with softball nursing majors:

D1 Robert Morris
D1 Western Illinois
Nov 18, 2013
St Scholastica MN D3

University of South Dakota (D1) and University of MN had a nursing majors graduate in the past couple years.

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