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Feb 25, 2009
Last day of camp today. We had a pretty good camp. Today was a wrap-up of all kinds of competitions. For example, a cone was placed on a stool at 3B. Outfielders where to throw to knock that cone off of the stool. Some of the HS girls jumped in as well and it was fun to see them interact with the girls in the camp. On the infield, infielders took positions at 3B and SS. Then, they tried to knock the cone off a stool at 1B. After they would make an attempt, they switched lines. It seemed like the players had a great time doing that. Then, they played a type of 6-out scrimmage where the HS girls took positions behind the players on the field to coach them as the games went along. That was also fun and even more so when a player would throw to the HS girl and she would have to react to catch the ball. Some of the parents were getting into it as well watching and cheering for various players. Our camp T-Shirts are really nice this year. The young ladies will be proud to wear them. The last day is always tougher for me. I am a person who wants every minute filled. However, we had 80+ T-shirts to distribute and we talked more than normal about things like middle school tryouts, ... It all has to be done. BTW, in the brief scrimmage we had, I sat behind a portable net and coached the hitters during at bats. The HC threw to the hitters with a defense behind her. That is always fun.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our camp this year. I had a blast again. Again, I had a lot of young ladies in this camp who are the children of former players of mine. That is about as neat as it gets to see their kids and to get to talk with the former players when they were dropping off or picking up their dds.

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