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Oct 2, 2015
We did the Twitter thing, but am not really sure that mattered. More important was probably setting up a private YouTube page where you could keep posting updated videos and send the coach the link when you sent your email following up on a recent tournament or something. Some coaches are also interested in just seeing footage of your individual practices. There probably was some value in posting to Twitter to build a network of other like-minded players and help "market" your current travel team. Still, I could never tell how much time coaches were spending scrolling through Twitter. Email is key.
Congrats to your DD. For what it's worth, I first saw her announcement on Twitter followed by her travel team and workout facility tweets. So there is "some" value to twitter, maybe not much for actual recruiting. Now that she's committed, she can focus all her efforts this spring on defending that state title.


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Jun 29, 2021
I have no idea if you're saying that's expensive, or if that's a bargain
That's an average of $769.16 per week, assuming 30 weeks per year. It's like paying $3,333 per month for living in a 12 × 12 cell and eating Sloppy Joe's. Under no circumstances do I consider that a bargain.
Apr 23, 2023
Congrats! Awesome result.

I couldn’t agree more about camps. Once you have a smaller list of legitimate targets, they are very worth the effort. Camps allow for a coach to evaluate and interact on their field, with their drills, in their own way. It also gives both parties a bit of time to evaluate eaches personality. I am not sure how many players end up committing to a school without going to a camp, but I suspect it is small. I know of a few who went P5 in states a plane ride away- but in those cases they went on a visit.

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