Youth Glove vs Adult Glove Question (Rawlings Liberty Advanced)

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Mar 17, 2023
Thanks for all the replies, everyone. Thank you, wheresmycar, for the graphic showing me how I need to go with a youth glove. Thank you, Annasdad for reinforcing that and stressing the importance of a good fit, and the ability to close the glove. It made the decision so much more easier for us. LEsoftballdad, we have a mallet and will put it to good use. I read another post previously where someone said to let her catch the Jugs machine at a setting with some zip on the ball. I love this idea.

With her 9th Birthday coming up in April, and knowing this would be a bridge glove, we decided to have some fun by allowing her to design her own glove on the 44 website last night. She was so excited when I showed her. The extra money we spent over a cheaper glove is an early birthday present. She picked colors to match her new "Blue Wings" Team uniforms... and I have to give her credit... it looks sharp as heck. She has to wait 5-6 weeks I think for it to be done. I attached a pic to this post.

We went with a 12 inch glove actually. I know it sounds a bit big... but every camp and clinic she attends, they move her up with the older kids, and she winds up playing with 12 inch softballs. Last month she was in a 4 week clinic for 3rd-5th graders... and after 10 minutes the instructors moved her to the group of 6th-8th graders. The same thing happened last Fall at a defensive camp. They moved her up to the next age group halfway through the first day. So she winds up playing with 12 inch balls at all the camps, and 11 inch balls in games and at practice.

She is also a field rat... she always finds ways to wiggle into a practice or play catch with 12+ year olds after her own practice is over. If I turn my back for a second, she is off somewhere playing with the older kids. I figure she should be fine with the larger size... at least I think she will!

You guys are a great resource. I hope to learn enough to be able to give back someday. Thanks again everyone.


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