Opportunity knocks for pitching families

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Aug 21, 2008

In the past, I've wrote on here and other places that so many here love softball. In fact, I have not met too many dad's with baseball backgrounds that don't ultimately say they enjoy softball more than baseball. And how many people don't even know there's a USA boys team for 18u. Also one for 23u. Then the men's team. In these posts, I've said that all the families that have both sons and daughters could have both kids playing softball. For the boys, the 18u teams is mostly comprised of baseball players who's dad's played fastpitch and they play it due to that legacy. Until recently, USA boys have struggled mightily for pitching but now that has changed. USA boys have good pitching and have a great chance at winning a medal next month at the WBSC Boys world championship in Mexico. I will post links when that time comes for people to see streamed games.

That said, did you also know scholarships are available for male pitchers at many schools? Some schools with male pitchers who's job is to throw live BP include: Texas, Washington, LSU has 2 on staff, and others like A&M, Alabama, etc. have all asked USA softball for pitchers. These scholarships do not come out of the 12 given out for the team (D1 teams get 12 scholarship max annually). Instead, the schooling is paid for by sponsors, fund raising, boosters, etc.

Making a long story short, within the last month I've been in touch with a young man in Alabama who's sister plays for the Birmingham Bolts. He taught himself how to pitch, throws live BP to the Bolt's team, and is obsessed with pitching softball. I spoke to Murphy at Alabama about him, saying he's got a male pitcher in his backyard and Murph was pretty happy, he called the kid that night to work something out. The boy is 16 so he has a year or 2 to go but, he's likely going to get a full scholarship to Alabama, just to throw BP. The family sent me videos of him, I've forwarded them onto USA softball also. A lot of doors are going to be opening for this young man.

So, anyone out there who's got both boys and girls, and the boys play around with pitching, you need to know there are some serious opportunities for them to not only play softball but, get college educated in the process for free!! Just something to think about if your son ever tinkers with pitching softball!!!!

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