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Not sliding

Nov 4, 2015
Very different situation than what is described though.
same situation. was just adding that a good runner is coming in hard. If the runner decides they cant get to second and just starts walking (or existing) in the baseline, the defense can make the throw directly to first. Not to sound harsh, but some times folks have to learn the hard way.
Feb 13, 2021
Talk about a completely different play. In the attached video, the batter is NOT a retired runner, you are talking about MLB rules and not not SB rules AND you are talking about MLB rules from 40+ years ago. Other than that, thank you for the walk down memory lane.

Add to that if that play were to occur today, I would suspect the replay umpire in NY sees the movement of the hip into the path of the ball and overturns for the out.
Sep 19, 2018
He was a retired runner. How does the age of the rule make a difference? How are the rules from MLB and Softball different?
In the video, the umps ruled that the runner could not get out of the way. Unintentional.

How is that different than the example? If the runner was sliding and got hit in the helmet, would that be different? If so, how or why?

I agree he intentionally got in the way and would be overturned via video .
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Feb 13, 2021
i stand corrected on the not a retired runner. The age of the video makes a difference because since that time rules and case book interpretations have changed. Rules between MLB and NFHS softball differ in many aspects.. Also, if you agree that the call would have been overturned on video review then you are agreeing that the umpires got the call wrong originally and it SHOULD have been interference (assuming today's interpretation of the rules).

In the example, if the runner were sliding and got hit in the helmet chances are the throw had no chance of retiring the runner at 1B. So no, I would have no interference in that case.

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