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Aug 10, 2016
My daughter played in her local rec league for the Spring and also participated in All-Stars the last month or so. In the regular season her team went 16-0 (won the End of Season tournament). And she just played in her 12th All-Star game and also went undefeated (winning three tournaments). She had quit TB after the fall and said she is so happy because she was able to finish out her softball career with a lot of her friends and they had so much fun together. I really have not seen her smile so much.

She did really well. Hit a GS in the regular season and hit another HR during All-Stars.
Ended up with a .667 BA and 1.731 OPS. She caught every game (and during the last 2 tournaments it got really HOT). She had an ump tell her that her frames were really good and regularly had other coaches ask her to not throw so hard to 2nd ;)

It was a very emotional end for us. She's been playing since she was 7 and a lot of the girls on her team have been with her since then. The coaches have all been with her since the beginning too and have watched her grow up. She was asked by so many people if she was going to be playing in college. But she ships off to the Navy this week. It's going to be a rough couple of months for us but hopefully exciting for her - even though I know it will be hard for her too.

Sorry if it seems like I talk about her too much here - I'm just very proud of her. I guess this will likely be my last post here.
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