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Dec 2, 2013
This was very helpful for DD and myself and would say this is the point where DD's recruiting turned the corner. The summer before DD's Jr year right after her last summer tourney we invited 3 players that experienced their freshman year in college to lunch. These girls grew up playing with each since they were 5 years old. 2 of the girls are twins. UPenn, UTD and the other friend went to Amherst. I asked them to share their first year experiences. I wanted them to tell DD about their academics, social life, roommates, softball life, coaches, games, practices, workouts, etc. All 3 had very different experiences. The girl who went to Amherst was the last girl to commit to her school which was April of Senior year. High Academic kids have to be really patient.

They shared lots of good info that helped DD understand the schools and the differences at each one with regards to all aspects of college/softball life. That was the point DD added UTD to her list of schools which ended up being where she committed. If possible, I would highly recommend taking part in this exercise. You want the unfiltered experience from these girls. The good, the bad and the ugly. Who doesn't want a free lunch?

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