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May 18, 2022
My daughter started playing fastpitch as a 7th grader last fall 12u, she did tryouts and was placed on a 12u C team for the summer. She did a ton of work over the winter and because her school needed players she was played varsity during the spring season, started two games due to injury and played enough innings to letter. Summer 12u went ok and she started catching, fall 14u this year and the team was not competitive and it frustrated her.

We signed her up for 14u next summer but the day before tryouts we find out they didn't have enough girls to field a team. We scrambled and found an another reasonably local organization that would let her tryout, this was 10:30pm on a Friday and tryouts were at 8am the next morning. She was hesitant because these would be girls she doesn't know and none of them go to her school. I was a little worried because this type of pressure can cause her to shut down mentally.

Last night I got a phone call that she scored very high in the tryouts and they want her for what they call their elite or top tier team (not sure if this means A, Gold, Triple Diamond Platinum or what). Just really happy she gets to play next year and her hard work paid off. Of course when she found out she was totally non-chalant about the whole thing. I'm excited anyway, should be fun and they have an off-season program that includes a catching coach.

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