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Recently moved up to catch a very fast pitcher

Jun 19, 2016
That single break All Star would probably work great. I hear single breaks are better for hand protection.
Jun 26, 2020
Having too much separation from your index finger and thumb can and will cause thumb injuries because it has no support
May 16, 2016
When I saw my daughter's hand the other night it broke my heart. Her index finger was swollen and numb and the joint at the base of her index finger was swollen as well. Took 2 days of icing and Advil to get the swelling down. She has another game tonight and they do about 5-6 games a week.
If the padded glove does not help, try index finger out. And don't wait to buy a new glove... She can start using it immediately in practice and warmups...
Oct 4, 2018
Not the hardest glove to break in, but I got a stiff A2000 catchers mitt ready for my DD in a week. I put in perhaps 6-7 hours of pounding and tugging on the thing.

If you have the dedication, desire and muscles, you can do it.


Aug 2, 2017
My DD caught her 5th straight game for this pitcher last night. My DD is now wearing the padded glove under her mitt all the time now. She said the padded glove helped immediately but only around 25-50% better. After last night she said her hand is doing much better because she also thinks she is adjusting to how she catches for this faster pitcher. I'll keep my eye on her hand, but for now problem solved! Thanks for all of your input on this one.