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May 17, 2023
If you mean rotation of the forearm, then jabs and crosses in boxing. Most throwing uses IR.

Golf, of course. The IR when using the 7 iron is almost exactly the same as pitching other than the hand faces 3B at 9 rather than up at 9.

I think the right arm (for RH pitcher), hips, core, and legs have so many similarities to golf swing when both are done properly. The biggest difference is those motions happen in the middle of launching forward in pitching, which requires lot more athleticism.

Also the ability to slightly modify the release/contact to created spin and thus shape, while being accurate and powerful. If they didn't also hit I think most pitchers would become very good golfers later in life. But probably hard to get rid of the softball swing habits.
May 17, 2023
I suppose you could use golf, but the elbow doesn't lead the downswing. And if you're going to use the whip analogy for pitching a softball then you can't use the golf swing.

Some golf swing methods are different but I would say in most of them the elbow drives towards/into the ribs at the same time the hips are separating from the shoulders which creates lag very similar to whip in pitching.
Aug 21, 2008
I use skipping stones as an example of IR to parents all the time. I show them and gradually modify the action by taking some of the bend out of the elbow and also straightening up from a bent over posture. Other than racquet sports I can't think of an activity that uses IR.
I do too. It's not an exact comparison because RAD is right, it's more side arm. But I do it more with the explanation about how loose the elbow is vs. HE style where the elbow is usually stiff and locked in many cases. So I wouldn't say "Pitch like you're skipping stones" but it's more of an example about how the arm should be loose. One thing is sure, nobody is skipping a stone if they use HE like mechanics!!

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