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Dec 5, 2012

General Player Discount Fee $375 versus original $495
General Coach/Adult Discount Fee $175 versus original $195, with additional $25 discount per player you get registered

We want you and/or players to attend and personally see the benefits of this unique, in-depth opportunity for terrific GAME SKILL instruction, testing & evaluation, and live instruction competitive action. Remember player enrollment is limited to maximum of 20 pitchers, 20 catchers, and 20 hitters, plus additional coaches slots for both on-field observation and minimum of five special designated coaches sessions. See some details below, check the website, or contact me and I will be very happy to discuss anything you need. Thank you for sharing the news.

Bobby Simpson
The Softball University
The Softball University Softball Improvement Training Camp
Philippians 4:13 & 19

I certainly hope that you and/or some of your players will join us for this exceptional approach to improving all of us and the game of softball. I have conducted clinics and camps all over the USA, Canada, and Europe and now a partner in educational assessment software has joined forces with my Higher Ground organization to allow us to put together something that is exceptionally meaningful for accelerating improvement in actual Game Performance. PLEASE take time to read the message below and check our website to see the outstanding staff and format that will be involved in the clinic in Louisville/Brandenburg, Kentucky on October 17-19.
Bobby Simpson - Former Head Coach of British Women’s Fastpitch National Team, Gold Medal Winner of 2004 Olympic Test Event in Athens, Greece.

For Players and Coaches At

Some of the Exceptional Benefits that YOU will experience while enrolled in one of The Softball University courses at designated sites, including the Pitcher - Catcher - Hitter Ultra Clinic in Louisville/Brandenburg, Kentucky on October 17-19, are:

• Personal choice of in-depth courses specific to your individual needs.
• Extensive 75-125 page training manual for each player and coach.
• Cumulative Softball Improvement Units (SIUs) for each course completed.
• Be part of instruction that allows you to practice the game instead of practicing practice.
• Limited enrollment so you get more individual attention.
• Extensive live instructor-led competitive action. Pitcher/Catcher versus Hitter.
• Professional softball visual skills testing by a national leader in sports vision.
• Work for hours with instructors who know how to coach players and not simply teach skills.
• On-site unique skill measurements and video analysis. Receive meaningful Game Skill evaluations that allow accelerated improvement.
• Learn valuable inside information about college softball, recruiting, and meaningful impact exposure.
• Discover a leap in your level of confidence, allowing you to maximize the skills you possess.
• Improve your mental skills so you can stay out of your own way. Gain physical freedom by improving mental control.
• Continuous post-event instructional material sent to each participant.
• Learn the importance of Purpose, Personalizing, and Passion.

The Softball University is open to everyone, but it is not for everyone. If you are seriously committed to working hard and smart to really get better mentally, visually, and physically, then this is for you. If you are willing to give serious focus to a creative in-depth continuous journey, then this is for you. If you are willing to accept that true progress is often messy and challenging, then this is for you.

Join committed players and coaches at The Softball University and travel together on an exceptional journey from being the best at your current level to being the best at the highest levels.
Pitcher - Catcher - Hitter ULTRA Clinic
Louisville/Brandenburg, Kentucky
October 17-19, 2014
Fri (6:00-9:00) Sat (9:00-6:30) Sun (9:00-3:00). Arrive late or leave early, if necessary.
Exceptional Staff (Please see attached) & Format
160 Softball Improvement Units for Players & Coaches
LIMITED PLAYER ENROLLMENT (P - 20; C - 20; H - 20). Please Register Soon!!

Check more and register at
The Softball University Softball Improvement Training Camp

Please Contact: Bobby Simpson 229-392-4048
Please email or call. I would love to discuss what makes this clinic different.

Other sites and Softball Improvement Courses are being planned.
Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event through The Softball University.

The Softball University
The Softball University Softball Improvement Training Camp
Philippians 4:13 & 19

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