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Mar 31, 2023
Was hoping to get some advice/feedback on choosing a new glove for my daughter. Just a little background - she is an 8yo player (will be 9 in February), finishing up her first full season of 8u travel ball. I bought her the Mizuno Prospect Finch 11" glove prior to the season as her other glove was noticeably too small and I wanted to stick with something cheaper to see how her season/interest went this year. She is a right handed thrower, plays primarily middle infield (mostly 2B) - will rotate in the outfield occasionally as most young players do. I would say her glove skills are average at the moment. She does well fielding ground balls, she is inconsistent catching the ball but is improving.

That being said, I'm looking at getting her a glove maybe a touch bigger (thinking 11.5") that is a little higher quality. Obviously don't want to go to crazy expensive at this age quite yet, but looking at gloves has been overwhelming to say the least. I'd like to pick up a new glove fairly soon so we can break it in throughout the offseason. Any experienced parents/coaches have any recommendations? Was looking at the Mizuno 11.5" MVP Prime but saw a handful of reviews saying this is best suited for 10yo and up. I'm open to any and all suggestions to look into......TIA
May 28, 2019

can start looking into bradley's fastpich line. he started first with boys baseball gloves. His niche is youth players and gloves with appropriately smaller hand stalls etc. Gloves break in very well and easily. I wouldn't hesistate to buy one for a 9 yr old girl.

ETA I'd also consider a 11.75" glove. Hardly a difference but can maybe extend usage upwards to 11-12 years old.
Jul 1, 2022
My daughter (turning 7) uses a 11.75 Bradley Next Play and would highly recommend. The quality is fantastic and you just need to break it in a bit.

I think it's well worth it the added cost as the glove doesn't flop around or close in weird positions causing issues with catching or fielding.

Definitely get at least a 11.75 or even 12 inch, the bigger glove helps a lot with confidence. (I moved her from a 11.25 -> 11.75 and she does way better handling the 11in ball.)

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Mar 31, 2023
Thank you guys! I will definitely look into these. I’ve never seen these before. Is there any value to paying for the break in service? Or is it easy enough that we can get it broken in properly over the winter?
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
8u players need to be toughened up ... make her play without a glove. Gloves make young players soft. Nothing but fashion statements.

I was gonna say buy her some Code 55 dry Horween, teach her how to catch a ball without closing her glove, because she’ll probably be 12 before she can!

But, I like your idea as well!

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