33 drop 9 Demarini CF vs Ghost 33 drop 10

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Jan 22, 2011
My DD is playing for a Batbusters team this summer. She is using a 6 year old 33 drop 10 Hope we bought used 4 years ago as a backup bat to her Ghost. With my DD, its the Indian, not the arrow. She hits comparably between a Power Carbon and her Ghost. She doesn't like the feel and/or sound of the non-CF Wilson bats, and it leaning towards getting a 33 drop 9 CF.

1) What do folks think about using the 2022 Demarini CF's?

2. What do folks think about replacing a 33 drop 10 Ghost with a 33 drop 9 Demarini CF?

Remember, She needs to use a Wilson product.

Sorry @CoreSoftball20



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Jun 29, 2021
The 33-24 CF will still have a relatively light swing. It still has the softer connection, unlike the -8, which is the same connection as the now discontinued FNX. Seeing as the CF is pretty darn close to sticker weight, it'll be about the same as a Ghost, but it will not have the same sound. The barrel on the CF is also quite large.

Will it have the same pop as the Ghost? Probably not, but as you said, it's more about the Indian than the arrow. Plenty of NCAA players destroy the ball with the CF.

P.S. my daughter loves her 2016 and 2017 CF Hope bats. That CF8 is legendary.
Dec 19, 2021
One of DD's former teammates is a power hitter D1 commit that uses a 33/24 CF. We were both at a hitting clinic in January. She was hitting over the 25 foot tall net behind the 220 foot fence. Plenty of pop in the right hands.

Will it work for your DD? If it makes her feel comfortable, it will probably work. Do any of the new teammates have one she can swing?
Jan 22, 2011
Yes, one of the AC's had a medium used and new 33" drop 9 CF Insane he bought just before his DGD moved up to a 34" drop 9. He is going to bring them to this weeks practices and probably let her test drive it in the tournament this upcoming weekend.
Jan 22, 2011
Picked up two CF Insane bats from DD's AC to test drive at a hitting lesson Friday and a tournament this weekend. They are 33 drop 10s, not drop 9s. One is used, the other barely out of the wrapper. If DD likes them, I'll likely buy one of them, then next week head up to West Coast Sporting Goods to swing a drop 9 and see what price they can offer me. DD needs a slightly longer purple All-Star chest protector since she is likely going to be catching one game a tournament the rest of the summer. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on adding a proper umpire chest protector to my umpire gear.

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