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Recent content by jdint

  1. J

    "No Monthly Dues.."??

    A lot of the teams around my little slice of heaven are pay up front and then maybe a little bit of fundraising later in the year. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with talent level. Or maybe I'm missing something.🤔
  2. J

    Free Hands

    I totally agree. She doesn’t chop down ON THE BALL. the action of chop creates the path you see. Until you try it. It will not make any sense. I get it, but that's opposite of what she says in that clinic, that's why I don't like that .gif.
  3. J

    Free Hands

    She doesn't chop down on the ball. Her first move may very well be "down to", but she turns "up through" at contact.
  4. J

    Free Hands

    What's the point of continuing to show the Chamberlain .gif? She specifically says in that clinic she is trying to cut down on the ball to impart back spin. In fact she says it's a 'scientific fact' that chopping down on the ball will create backspin and the ball will travel farther. This...
  5. J

    Free Hands

    You're just trying to show off the Pythons..... :cool: On a serious note, the boy has a nice looking swing.
  6. J

    1st Travel Tournament

    My DD was playing up with the '07 Stix team. Sounds like you had a good first travel tournament. 👍
  7. J

    1st Travel Tournament

    Were you at the Lake this past weekend by any chance? I saw a team leaving as we were walking in that looked like it could be your team. Couldn't tell if the girls were happy, sad or just hot?
  8. J

    First walk off

    Where did you guys play?
  9. J

    1st Travel Tournament

    Dislikes = 8a.m. start times
  10. J

    Free Hands

    Suggestions on how to fix this. I might know someone with a similar problem.
  11. J

    College World Series

    He's gonna blame the weather.
  12. J

    Free Hands

    So you don't want my DD to play college softball?........not saying she is slow, but her against a sloth on valium would be close race.
  13. J

    Someone explain this to me Hitting Hype

    Cat Osterman was playing for the Olympic team screaming "sit down!" at at lest one of the Florida players after she struck her out. This was in a meaningless exhibition game. Cat seems a tad intense.
  14. J

    Free Hands

    Close your eyes.......is the HLP in the room with you?
  15. J

    Diffrent pitches 12u pitchers should know

    Watching this opening game of the WCWS they might need to start working on their bullet spin. 😳

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