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Feb 20, 2019
Interesting situation you find yourself in...I've been there.

You've received some great advice so far, try it all and see what works. Team talks are good...challenge them, inspire them, ask them what they want out of softball. It will likely be a different answer for every player.

Your players will be in high school in the next few years, so take the team to a HS softball game. While you're there, introduce yourself and ask the HS coach if she has players interested in helping coach/mentor her future players at one of your practices. Many schools have community service programs that award students for helping out in the community. If the HS player enjoys it, there's your AC. If not, maybe she's interested making a few bucks giving group or individual lessons.

For practices, drills should be short and meaningful. Explain what the drill should accomplish before you start. Quick rotations ensure less time standing around kicking dirt or chit-chatting. With a few exceptions, no drill should last more than 15-20 minutes and fun drills should be mixed in with the ones they don't enjoy as much. Repeat several of the drills at each practice until the players understand what is expected of them. Enlist players as assistants to help run drills and set up, break down and move equipment.

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