Drop 10 vs. 9?

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Apr 9, 2017
My DD is a freshman in high school. She's a good contact hitter, typically near the top in terms of team batting average, putting the ball in play, etc. She typically is a singles hitter, with occasional doubles. She's a good base runner, but I would not consider her fast.
This year, one of her goals is to improve her power at the plate. After a year of working out and playing other high school sports, she definitely is stronger than she was at this point last year. As we look for a new bat, I have thought that she should consider going with a -9 instead of the -10 she has used in past years. Does anyone have feedback/experience going from a -10 to a -9? Do you even notice the difference in terms of added weight or increased power? As she is a good contact hitter, I don't want to see her lose her ability to make contact (especially as pitching speeds increase.) Thanks for your feedback!


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Jun 29, 2021
It really depends on what bat you have versus what bat you go to. If you go from a balanced CF or Anderson Rocketech Carbon -10 to a -9 Ghost Advanced, you'll see a huge difference.

The issue I see is that you say she's a contact hitter without a ton of power. A -9 or -8 are considered power bats. Stick with a -10 for a line drive hitter.


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Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
i have said forever, I have no idea why parents try to get their girls to a 33 drop10 as fast as they
can, and then stop like they dont get any stronger. There are def many girls that could go to a drop9 and
still be perfectly fine with control and add some pop.
Now, thats not everybody. If she just has started working out and getting stronger, maybe she needs to
fine tune her skills first before jumping up. Or maybe she isnt a drop9 girl. And then you have to consider bat when you do. going from a 33/23 PC to a 33/24 Ghost..thats more of a jump that to a 33/24 PC.
I do know many people that for bp, they swing a heavier bat. So no harm picking up a 33/24 bat and
using it for soft toss or bp and see how she likes it. Nothing forces you to use the drop9 outside of bp.

We dont know your dd, so I guess lots of people can type lots of stuff just to say, maybe she will like it, maybe not...hahaha
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Oct 4, 2018
If you can get to a store with a Hittrax system, that might help. I like to let the numbers (Exit Velocity) help me figure it out.
Jun 19, 2012
Personally mine has swung ghost drop 10. That being the blur and grey and gold and grey to the 2020 adv. The double barrel also in a drop 10.
When the meta came out and reports were it was super close to weight we went drop 9. Since ghost run over there was no difference to her. Now if she swing a drop 10 meta she says it feels lighter.

If she is looking to build more power then honestly it's time to get in the weight room regularly. In season outta season. Also with saying that you don't have to bulk up having a strong core along with toned muscles goes much further that being Popeye
May 1, 2018
Mine swings a -9 but she is strong strong.
Get the heaviest bat she can swing violently while maintaining form.

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