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Dec 11, 2010
One of the most interesting college softball developments this summer is seeing what schools are doing with the newly created 3rd paid assistant positions.

Jake Epstein To South Carolina. There was talk of Ehren Earlywine (former Mizzou coach) going there but Epstein got the nod. Great hire.

Bryce Neal to LSU. (Is Howard Dobson gone?) Bryce came from Louisville. LSU has recruited bomb droppers over and over to see them not perform in season…

DJ Gasso. Arkansas. Game changer? Maybe!

Pretty short list here, there are many more including Matt Lisle and Sierra Romero…. And a plethora of “safe former player hires” who were doing volunteer assistant jobs already…. Idk what to say about that. Especially when they came from the same school.
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Aug 5, 2022
Bryce Neal is going to be the next hitting guru. He’s amazing and has a great personality to match. He is a HUGE loss for Louisville and a great pick up for LSU

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Feb 7, 2014
I'll throw a name out there that will likely get a nod to get a Power 5 job in the upcoming years...Josh Bloomer.

His latest stop is Arizona. Last season he was at South Carolina and a few years at Duke before that. He got the job at Duke after leading a high school team in Kentucky to an undefeated season. The guy is getting hired to be a hitting coach, but in reality you don't go undefeated and not understand all aspects.
Dec 11, 2010
I just re-read my own post. I was trying to type that Bryce Neal is a cohort of DD’s hitting coach, not that he is DD’s hitting coach. Sheesh, that was completely wrong and I fixed it.

Josh Bloomer is an interesting dude. He sure bounces around. I agree he will end up somewhere as a hc. It is tough not being a former player, the 40-60 year old former college softball player coaches mafia definitely doesn’t like to admit anyone into their club.

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