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Recent content by Stxdad

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    Happy Fathers Day!!!! What are your plans today??

    Today we are going back home from being 9 hrs in the field yesterday !!
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    I have cf8 slapper, got it for my daughter that wanted to learn how to slap. But she’s a righty so is taking her time
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    More leather

    And I just won this one 😃
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    More leather

    Yesterday when I got I that was the first thing I saw lol I was like wtf
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    More leather

    11.75 I’ll try to get a better pic of the tag I am not home but picI think it says 1767?
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    More leather

    Picked up this beauty, as per my understanding limited quantity of them were made..
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    Glove Help

    I wanted a HOH but they went with Wilson 🙃
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    Glove Help

    Both of my daughters have a2000 and they love them 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Which bats are made in USA?

    Dd had a ghost advance and it said made in China ,
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    Abandoning a team mid season

    I can give you my advise dd left her team in mid season due to “mental health” or toxic environment, couple of people in this forum started with their smart ass remarks as meaning only their 💩 don’t stink, anyways I am glad we made the switch, dd skills and confidence went up, at the end of...
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    Demarini Prism Plus

    I bought DD a 31/20 drop 11 , came out to 20.7 out the box,
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    To move or not.

    B moving to another b
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    To move or not.

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    To move or not.

    If she stays with 10u I’ll be a regular parent 😁 but with 12u I’ll be asst coach
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    To move or not.

    Thank you !!!

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