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    Someone explain this to me Hitting Hype

    The sport of softball stills battles for support at all levels, & the comparisons to baseball wear very thin quickly…. Softball is a unique culture in which the philosophy of working hard & playing with intensity is tempered by an emphasis on finding joy in the game itself. That includes the...
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    How do you handle another parent trashing your DD?

    If you want players to keep their cool then that’s what needs to be modeled. As hard as it was, I think you did the right thing. Slugging him would have escalated the situation & could have landed you in jail. Also, engaging him at the same level by slamming his daughter would have violated...
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    Coach yelling (sorry long)

    Speaking from my perspective as a Retired Clinical Psychologist, I’d just put a couple of observations on the table for consideration as you try to evaluate the impact coaching style may have on players across time & individuals. First, the developmental stages that athletes have to navigate...
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    Want to increase my softball IQ

    New to group…former player & avid fan. I want to increase my Softball IQ & explore ways that I could volunteer time to support fastpitch in my community. I have a particular interest in the ways sports psychology can enhance the game at all levels across age groups.

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