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    ambern11 replied to the thread The probable end:.
    I am almost certain last year you stayed after and helped give tips to our high school pitcher after one game during the 2018 season. I...
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    ambern11 reacted to Cannonball's post in the thread The probable end: with Like Like.
    Tonight, we ended our high school season. We did not go out as I'd like but that is another story. After 32 years, I retired this...
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    pattar replied to the thread AN OUT IS AN OUT???.
    The statistics are just that, statistics. You cannot argue with those. One thing which isn't considered is the probability of an...
  • Mompants
    Its 230 report to field @650.... let's go baby!
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    pattar replied to the thread While Im pulling for the bRuins.
    Classy..I am sure you wouldn't mind somebody discussing your DD like that. Why haven't you been banned yet since you appear to be...
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    CoachJD replied to the thread Botched Ump penalty imposed.
    I'd like the other umpires here to weigh in on this because I think I disagree. We aren't paying umpires to come and ensure everybody is...
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    CoachJD reacted to Westwind's post in the thread Botched Ump penalty imposed with Like Like.
    DD is a rule follower but has a “do it if you are bad” attitude about jewelry. (Despite the fact that where she plays there isn’t a...
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    CoachJD reacted to Cannonball's post in the thread Pitching question: with Like Like.
    We faced that pitcher tonight. I opened a conversation with the umpiring crew and illustrated what I believed to be as close to...
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    CoachJD replied to the thread OSU pitcher, HE?.
    But I got a great deal in this guillotine and I'm just waiting to use it the next time someone doesn't tag up on a fly ball.
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    CoachJD reacted to uncdrew's post in the thread OSU pitcher, HE? with Like Like.
    I'm not surprised that parents don't want medieval coaching methods. :D
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    CoachJD reacted to Ken Krause's post in the thread question for coaches with Like Like.
    To me, catcher is a position you have to love to play it well. So I wouldn't force anyone to go back there. In the OP's case his...
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    CoachJD replied to the thread The Sac Fly.
    I guess the counter argument is that a sacrifice fly actually scores a run, which is certainly better than just making an out on purpose...
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    CoachJD replied to the thread AN OUT IS AN OUT???.
    Explain to me how a pop out to the pitcher is better than a strike out. What people don't really seem to get is that the result is...
  • Lambchops78
    Lambchops78 reacted to chinamigarden's post in the thread 12U Pitching with Like Like.
    About 8-10 MPH less then what the pitcher's parents are claiming.
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    CoachJD reacted to softgabby's post in the thread AN OUT IS AN OUT??? with Like Like.
    I'll speak as someone in the trenches and how I see things as a batter in this situation. With less than two outs and a/multiple...

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