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Good morning sir. I have a question for you? I know you have the answer because we talked about old easton fastpitch bats previously when I bought the white and purple stealth. Well I found another gem for my DD it's a easton stealth stealth speed ssr4b black and purple used for one season paid 125 for it looks brand new did I get a deal
Can you send me a couple pics and price of the CF8? I'm highest bidder on a beater Ghost on Ebay right now so I'll need a day to see if the bid sticks. She'd prefer a Ghost backup to her main one if possible.
El Oso
Let me know if you don't get the ghost and then I'll send you pics
May I ask where you are in NC? I"m currently in the Triad area, but DD spent much of her early softball years near Charlotte.
We're birds of a feather, it seems. I've told Hannah that whenever she's done, I'll cry a little and then we'll get on with it. She's planning to take the extra year due to covid since she's in a 5 year study program. But whenever it ends, I know it will be tough.
I'm Johnny BTW. When it finally came down to her decision, honestly I was a hard person to be around for 4 or 5 weeks! I'm good now, but it was tough!

She's maintaining a 4.0 GPA and has been on the Dean's list every semester she's been in college, that definitely makes it easier!
Sounds awesome. Similarities are growing! I'm John. DD has a 4.0 for first two years. She's almost finished a bachelor's in math from Meredith, and will finish in three more years with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering from NC State. So much easier to raise than the two boys!
Here is my favorite hitting warm-up. I do this with every lesson before they pick up a bat. I have seen major improvements in control, strength and speed.

When I see hitters on the balls of their feet and loading the quads, I think anterior.
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Why are we writing here? I see it more as staying in your legs or posture as posterior swinging. Amd anterior is coming out of your hip flexion and posture to rotate your hips. Like Shawn. Applying force anteriorly is done by actively rotating or using your shoulders or legs for rotation. The middle should contract from the sequence and the hands should apply force down towards the intended target. Short-winded.

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