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Here is my favorite hitting warm-up. I do this with every lesson before they pick up a bat. I have seen major improvements in control, strength and speed.

When I see hitters on the balls of their feet and loading the quads, I think anterior.
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Why are we writing here? I see it more as staying in your legs or posture as posterior swinging. Amd anterior is coming out of your hip flexion and posture to rotate your hips. Like Shawn. Applying force anteriorly is done by actively rotating or using your shoulders or legs for rotation. The middle should contract from the sequence and the hands should apply force down towards the intended target. Short-winded.
How much would it be to clean, condition and relace a AS CMW3000 (relace in black, like the original)? not in bad shape really, about 3 years wear on it, but her CMW3001 is now about game ready, so I want to get this relaced to serve as backup. what laces do you use? I live in NJ, would ship to you, please include estimate for return shipping (normal mail or parcel is fine, it is for backup, no rush).
2020 LXT 32-22 20.5 ounces
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Eric F
Eric F
Are you sure about those numbers? I haven't seen an LXT that far under sticker weight before.
I weighed twice on my food scale, yes I was surprised, I was glad because she was moving up to a 32.
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Hello, I'm gathering from previous posts you may be our general area and we may have played in the same tournaments at some time. If you don't mind me asking what team does your DD play for? We are currently on Express FP ('08) out of Jefferson, but live in the Grayson GA area.
Just curious about DFP members in our area.
You are dead on. My DD plays for the EC Bullets (Melton, was Cook last fall), but in the prior two played for Alpharetta Fire, our local team. I'm sure we played Express FastPitch at some point, or at least were at the same tournaments. We are an '09 team, however.
We might have played you when you were on the Fire. I coached the Lady Tide '08 team for a few seasons.
My DD loved Niki Cook, met her at the Grizzlies camp a few year ago and enjoyed her instructions.
Good luck this season, I'll be looking for you this Spring.
Yes, that rings a bell. I do think we played. We loved Niki too and were sad to see her go.
Good morning! I will take the rev fire, can you let me know the cost and how you would like to get paid. Been looking for one for awhile and you can see my post form about 6months ago looking for it. Thanks!
also my cell number is 804 815-4400 if you want to send me a text or call
Looking for some additional details on your video system, you said it breaks up each pitch? Is the pocket radar part of it? Any info would be helpful, thanks.

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