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why would a TD

May 6, 2015
have 90% of a groups games at site A on Sat, all bracket games at site A on sunday except finals, and move finals to site B? the reason we were told is because "that is where the medals are". hhhhmmm, one box of metals transported in a car by one person, vs making two entire teams (who just won on adjacent fields) pack up and move, and reset up at different site?

can anyone say ludricrous. it benefited no one except the oil companies. oh and the field they played finals on, the furthest one from parking lot, one much closer was just about as nice (no cage next door, but neither team thought about using cage to warm up, a little toss around to stay loose was it). think the host team was simply mad they were eliminated. bet if they were in final, it majically would have moved to site of their semifinal.


rant over.
Jun 11, 2013
When we ran our tournament we always finished at our home site. This allowed us to close down the 2nd site early so we had enough volunteers to get out second site cleaned up so we could get done at a reasonable time.
May 6, 2015
this ended up being the last game of the entire tourney, why not close down the "home site " early?

and very little to clean up, township was taking care of trash for them, lone hot dog stand at site was 3rd party, septic company would come and pump out and reclaim portopots, may be taking down temp OF fencing was for tournament staff, but that would be it.

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