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Oct 24, 2010
Phillips is in the DP batting spot, but her position is only labeled "1B". According to the box, Alexander went from P to DP...it's right there. Not the first time I've seen it.

I saw it. I understand your point. I don't think the software "they" are using has a proper label for substitutions and position changes, particularly a player going to offense only in softball. Looking through box scores, you'll often see PR, PH, and even DH. The "Software" is made for baseball. <Strewth>.

The game is the third JMU played against Oklahoma in the WCWS on June 7, 2021. In the play-by-play, Oklahoma scored 4 and the following defensive changes were noted.

O. Alexander to dp.00
E. Phillips to 1b for H. Hall.00
A. Humphrey to p for H. Shifflett.00

It's a notation, one way to read it would be incorrect. Hall never played 1B, she's the starting DP. Shifflett was never P. Lacking a proper designation for a player moving from offense/defense to offense only, "they" use DP. It's incorrect and against the rules in many softball codes. The DP slot is fixed in the starting lineup. Substitutes may appear in that slot, they are the substitute DP. A player in the game as DP may play defense as a substitute for the Flex or at the same time as the Flex, as in this game. In the latter case, someone (Alexander) is playing offense only. The game tracking software lacks a proper label for that role, so DP is incorrectly used.
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May 27, 2022
Sometimes, you have to manipulate the SW to get players in the right position. If you don't do it right, the substitutions can look wonky.
Aug 25, 2019
Nope. Starters can re-enter, but subs can't. If a coach wants a pitcher to continue to bat after she's been replaced, they'll construct their lineup ahead of time to accomplish that.
Is this only a college rule that a sub cannot re-enter a game? I think in USA, USSSA, etc, a sub can re-enter a game.
Jul 22, 2015
Is this only a college rule that a sub cannot re-enter a game? I think in USA, USSSA, etc, a sub can re-enter a game.
As far as I know it's only college. I know that NFHS allows subs to re-enter and I'm pretty sure every other sanction does now.

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