What percentage of pitching speeds that we see/hear do you think are wrong

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Jul 31, 2015
I did something similar. Took the radar gun to an 18u showcase for some of the best teams in the nation. I was expecting them all to be in the mid 60’s or higher. Most were high 50’s consistently on games. Only a handful were consistently above 60. I didn’t measure them all, only about 10 or so.

Don’t get me wrong most of those girls were very good pitchers. But my expectations for speed were not realistic. Now I know there are some special talents out there that just throw gas. But those seem a lot more rare than I thought a few years ago.

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My DD's very last 18U game had a gaggle of college coaches looking at the other team's pitcher. She was a 2023. Overheard them saying "she'll go fast" (meaning, she'll be an early recruit). So I went down to get a reading: 68-69 outside the strike zone, 64-65 inside. Prob the fastest pitcher I've ever seen in the wild (outside a collegiate or PGF final game).

Former teammates of DD throwing mid 50s accurately and with movement play mid-major D1.

Speed is only one measure.
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Dec 13, 2019
Equipment used for timing can be accurate.
How people use it can be inaccurate.

I consider the source.
Too many times seeing people winging it different angles and not being in the same position to get repetitive timing.
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Feb 6, 2020
I noticed that Perfect Game lists speeds for pitchers that play in their events on their website and always wondered how accurate those are. I'm assuming they list the fastest recorded pitch from the pitcher and most seem reasonable, but there are a few at times that don't seem to make any sense either. I'm guessing the accuracy might depend some on the location of the games and set up.
Jun 20, 2015
I find it most laughable, when parent X claims DD throwing very fast say 62mph. yet not many strike outs, no wins, players pounding out hit after hit, nobody has heard about her, etc. Things that make you go "hhhmmmmmm"

honestly, that's why i have access to a little device "lie detector"
Feb 11, 2020
Been on this journey now for quite a few years as my DD is almost at 14u. The issue is coaches and parents talk about speed all the time!!! It puts a lot of pressure on these kids. I know my DD gets depressed when I pull out the radar gun. She immediately tightens up. Speed is sexy but for some reason spin isn’t!

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