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Dec 19, 2021
I am curious what people's experiences were for their timeline up to their verbal.

- How long was the initial discussion period? I assume many kids here had a number of offers over a period of time. Was mostly in the first month or two after Sept 1? Strung out into the spring? Into the following summer?

- How long from offer to verbal? Did coaches give a "I need an answer in XX weeks?" Did you have time/opportunity to go on campus visits after an offer and before committing?

As far as I am concerned, there is no "wrong" path, just wondering what others' experiences were.

Dec 2, 2013
In most circumstances, if you get an on campus tour, the verbal offer comes at the end of the day. So be prepared for an answer, whatever it is. And you are right all journeys are different, but all have the same components. If your kid is playing on a top team and your kid has been getting the chatter, her phone very well might start ringing on Sept 1st. For 99% that is not the case. Offers won't be flowing. But this is the time coaches can get to know your DD and family

I have shared this recently. DD got an offer Nov of her Jr Year. She had been attending camps, talking and emailing with coaches, coaches watching her from all schools but not the one she ended up at. Then a school popped on her radar after an epiphany, and we got real with all of the things that could make a great fit for the family. Great business school, distance from home, finances, skill set, compete for a starting spot, etc. Her first intro email to this coach was in Sept of Jr year, then she sent her next email detailing her weekend schedule vs a Juco team and then a round robin on Sunday. DD's TB coach texted me saying that he didn't know Megan was interested in this school. He is friend's with this coach and he is very interested in seeing her play on Sat.

Coach came, saw what he needed to see, and as he walked away from the field, he told the TB coach he wants Megan(catcher) and the pitcher. The Asst coach came to watch her play in the next 2 tourneys, and they had to make sure she could actually get into the college based on class rank before they would grant her a visit. Top 10% meant auto entry for Texas State schools.

Beginning of Nov she goes on the visit. It was all day. The school conducted the visit along with regular students, but the coaches would roll up in the golf cart to escort us around to the dorms, the field, meeting with the strength coach, Business school dean, etc. At the very end of the day 3pm, coach sat us down in his office, and ultimately said he has a spot for her and would love to have her. How much time do we need to make a decision? DD said, emphatically...She's ready right now!

She's two semesters away from graduating with a degree in Finance.


Dec 18, 2014
Hoping I will have a response for you soon! This whole process is nuttier than a fruitcake. Can't wait for it to be over, but also don't want to make a decision in haste.


May 27, 2013
My dd decided after the summer of her sophomore year that she wanted to focus on high academic D3’s. She did get a couple of emails from D1 coaches on 9/1 of her junior year who she had been emailing and they had been following her at showcases/camps - they were not offers - just the “we’ll keep following you this fall - please KIT” emails. I’d say after her fall season that year the emails with the D3 coaches turned into somewhat frequent texts and occasional phone calls, and she moved on from the D1 emails. All winter there were camps at those D3 schools and an overnight at one.

After the flurry, she received her 1st offer early spring of her junior year (as well as a preread to determine how much merit money she would receive at that school). That coach told her to take her time with her decision - never really gave her a timeline. It was her 2nd choice school - good school but not exactly high academic.

She then was asked to submit prereads for 3 other schools that June (high academic). All 3 prereads came back favorable and her top choice made her an offer right around July 4th. Gave her two weeks to decide. Other 2 schools were then notified by her TB coach (he knew both coaches well) that she had 2 offers on the table and that she had 2 weeks to give her decision - they both came back with offers within a day or 2.

Dd accepted at her top choice mid-July after her junior year. Right after she let the coach know, she called the other coaches and let them know that she had accepted another offer. They appreciated the call. Dd actually still KIT with the one coach.

Keep in mind that her offers at the high academics were nothing more than “we will support you through the admissions process.” She still had to get in. So while she had a spot on the team, she wasn’t positive that she was on the team until she got into the school that following December of her senior year (applied ED).

The typical recruiting timeline is much different at D1 and D2, as well as at other D3 schools. Dd had to patiently wait while the rest of her class year on her team had offers the winter of their junior year.

I’ve known several girls who have received emails, calls, texts on 9/1 who didn’t verbally commit until later that fall/winter. Since 9/1 is the initial contact date for D1, I suspect most do not make offers on that date unless the player is an absolute stud. Coaches typically like to set up phone conversations first to get to know the player better and invite them on OV.

Covid also played a huge part in our experience as well as with the experience of other players on our team. Some of our 2022 D1 commits did not get offers until after the summer of 2021.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
No two stories will be the same and the rules for recruiting have changed since some of us/our dds went through the process.
Sep 3, 2015
DD is a 22, so we did this during covid. 2 P5 calls on sept 1, no offers. Stuff coming in the mail, coach signed Christmas cards, etc. Took an unofficial visit to a local private school, no offer. Played the following summer schedule with lots of interest but no offers. Took an official visit fall 2021 and was offered and liked the school/ campus so much she accepted at the end of the visit. DD will be pitching in the big10 this fall.

This school was not on her list but met her academic standards. Saw her at a showcase in socal.

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