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This weekends adventure in umpiring.


Not lost - just no idea where I am
Oct 2, 2011
Well lets see... it was 1,000,000 degrees with 100% humidity. I was in a full sweat before we started the 8am game - it was like breathing water. So that was fun.
Did 6 games Saturday (with 1 break), 5 today (with none). 13 hours Saturday... 9 Sunday plus 2 hours a day driving there and back. Pretty sure I drank 30-40 bottles of waters + 6 of the water/hydration powder mix I make over the two days.

Made a call Saturday which was 100% correct (interference on a throw to 1B on a grounder to SS - a runner going from 2nd -3rd literally stepped into the fielders throwing motion making them double clutch the throw). Coach unhappy because of a variety of made-up reasons that don't exist in the rules involving intent, other possible plays, some imaginary baseline, several other unrelated rules and maybe the phase of the moon. Don't want to protest of course - just want to complain for a while and then AFTER the game wants to go talk to the UIC - where they make up and describe some other play - however, the UIC could see the game from where he was and saw the play so they got shut them down (for once).

Have them second game day Sunday and they ask about it AGAIN - I tell them I checked with 2 UIC, another umpire we all refer to as a 'walking rule book' plus I looked it up personally in not only the sanction rule book and case books but also in NFHS and NCAA rules and it was correct in all of them. There is even a case play for it. Coach says I am still wrong. Not sure what they want me to do about that.

Same game my sock gets lumped up under my foot in my shoe. So that hurt for the last half of that game until I could get it sorted out between games. Lots of ibuprofen for that.

Last game I get a bang bang play at 1B with a runner on 3B so never ideal - you get as close as you can, stop and make the call. Call the runner out. Coach doesn't agree - it was close, but I had it (straight leg on the runner when the ball hit the glove). Coach comes out and does the whole "I disagree' routine - he then says "I just think you got it wrong'. That's nice I guess, but he isn't umpiring so it is my judgment. He then says that "I am a reasonable man" - which he has never been in any game ever - he coaches HS as well and he is notoriously difficult to a point where I do 80% of their games since he doesn't have any issue with me (for reasons I am unsure of) and most of the other umpires in the area refuse to do their games.

Today got hit in the hand on a foul tip which HURT and also broke my favorite indicator (which is funny now). Yesterday had a ball pass right through my legs on a wild pitch off the plate which actually hit the fabric on my pants - but not me. That was close (cup or not)

Had the swinging strike/hit by pitch dead ball strike happen with the ball coming right off the batter's hand. Had to explain that one to a coach who has been coaching for as longer than I have been in softball. That one started with the "if you swing it is a strike, hit by pitch just makes it a dead ball' and ended with the 'the hands are not part of the bat, that is a myth and just not true' discussion.

Partner called an infield fly in the shallow left field grass that the SS caught with no issues. Want to guess what that discussion was about?

I also figured out where the bruises above my knees were coming from. I have new shinguards and where I put my hands I am pushing down on the top section. And it is bruising my leg.

Despite the above - which is pretty minor stuff, to be honest, you are going to get a few calls like that most weekends anyway if you do 11 games; I really had a great time. My two partners for the weekend are fantastic to work with and do a great job and I like working with them. They work hard, hustle, and communicate well. Chatted with long-time friends. Officiated some good games. All tired now though :)
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