Things College Softball Announcers Can Quit Saying 2022 Edition

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Jun 6, 2016
The announcers get more wrong than right in these games, but in the ASU/Northwestern game just now, there was a play where we almost had two runners at the base at the same time (runner was tagged before reaching the base).

Color commentator, and I don't know who it is, said in the context of just tagging both runners if they're both on the base something to the effect of "The lead runner is always the one who is out."

This is, of course, false. The lead runner is always safe unless she is forced (this was not a force play).

Pretty sure this is the same announcer who, last night, when a slapper was called for a sliver of a toe being out of the box, acknowledged it was the correct call and then said the umpire should not have called it because of the situation (a close game).
Jun 6, 2016
Oh, another one: On almost every replay review across all these games, if a call does not get overturned they say "Just not enough there" even if the replay review is 100% obvious that the umpires got it right.
Dec 11, 2010
Beth in her overdone voice “She wants a grand salami”

Not even an uncomfortable laugh from the rest of the booth.

Thank God my kid didn’t play for a team that Beth and the Two Time Gold Medalist were schilling and I didn’t have to listen to this all year.
Apr 17, 2019
2 of my favorites.

During the wcws this year, I think talking about Simpson from texas and her changeup. Saying she could throw it here there, and even in the dirt sometimes if she wanted too, as they show her bowling it in. Lol ya right like she did it on purpose.

Second also during the wcws, “If they want to win the game, they’ll have to score more runs then the other team!” Ya no crap that’s how it works!
Jun 10, 2018
Announcers shouldn't comment on rules. Sadly, they are wrong so many times and make it worse for the viewer/listener.
They should tone down their bias toward "Their Team".
Absolutely true. So tired of hearing the announcers drool over Alo and Oklahoma in general. Yes they slaughtered everyone. we know. Their games were pretty boring to watch due to excessive slaughter, but those announcers just never let up. (Just my opinion however!)
Jun 20, 2015
"She's able to get around that outside pitch and pull thru 5-6 hole". Great....except the ball was right down the middle and 'getting around' an outside pitch is not what any hitting instructor teaches.

Or when they extoll the virtues of a 'screwball' and spin is clearly bullet and it's nothing but a well located, throw across the plate, inside fastball.
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I wasted time and now doth time waste me
Jun 8, 2016
Not college but this New Zealand guy calling the Japan/USA World Games game can quit talking altogether..

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