Someone explain this to me Hitting Hype

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Aug 10, 2016
Just seeing this but I wouldn't say this is completely absent in MLB. I watch the Braves and our players def have their moments and get excited for some hits. I love seeing it. You're playing a game that you grew up loving and getting paid to do it.
Celebrate all you want.
Why are the women so over the top hyped up over a simple base hit, EVERY single base hit they show the batter on base SCREAMING let’s go!!!, stomping their feet, slamming down their arms etc etc. what ever happened to acting like you’ve done that and been there before. I understand if it’s a game winning hit but down 7-0 and getting a single and here comes the over the top hype.
The sport of softball stills battles for support at all levels, & the comparisons to baseball wear very thin quickly…. Softball is a unique culture in which the philosophy of working hard & playing with intensity is tempered by an emphasis on finding joy in the game itself. That includes the celebration of every hit in a sport where a runner on second is in a position to score off a well hit single. Teams travel together & find lots of ways to amuse themselves & keep their energy strong, focused & positive, Teams are often their own best cheering sections, chanting, singing, & encouraging each other. It’s a tradition that works well for the girls & women who play at all levels. Relax & enjoy it—they certainly will!
Feb 15, 2017
If you want to add some excitement to golf, pull some strings and get me on the PGA. I guarantee I will provide excitement. Things like, how did he get himself into that situation and holy cow, how did he hit that ball. You would not believe the lengths I can go to make a round of golf "fun."

Before I had my hip replaced and had to take off a couple of years, I was a 4 handicap. Now, I have to yell fore.
And Brooksie and Bryson should be paired up weekly..

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Feb 15, 2017
Yeah scoring a TD and getting a single are the same. I’m thinking 10-20 singles in a game vs a handful of tds. Lol sorry that point is a total fail.
Ummm 10-20 hits in a,softball game is rare, unless your OU, of course.

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Feb 25, 2009
And Brooksie and Bryson should be paired up weekly..

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Short story and I apologize for the brief hijack. I played 4 days in the rain two weeks ago to prepare to play a round with my daughter's boyfriend's dad. As I mentioned, I was once pretty good and now not so much. Somehow, providence looked down upon me and the old Cannonball showed up. I drove one ball to within about 4 feet of the green and another about 10 yards. Shot a 72 or 1 over. I could not walk for 3 days afterward but have been amazed that somehow I did this. Now, back to softball.

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