SB/BB/Whiffle ball home games

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Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Since patter unintentional hickjacked 34" thread ...

In whiffle ball I had an unhittable curve ball. We played a bunch and friends and they tried to duplicate it with no luck. Something about angle of arm and spin.

One afternoon game I was starting BB P, I got pounded like never before. Never told coach but my arm was sore from playing whiffle ball all day. Sure he would have loved that.

We did not have a big yard, DD, and usually 1 friend, would play some sort of game with TCB balks. Rules seemed flexible like whiffle ball. Little bit of arguing a lot of laughter. She never got into whiffle ball.

Maybe another dying sport.

Brag all you want about yours or DD's game.