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Recruiting manager?

Mar 26, 2016
daughter used sports recruits which is good for her to be able to see who is viewing her profile along with easy to email out of, but all of her reponses have been when she was sending email from her regular email account she created.
Nov 18, 2013
There’s not much a recruiter can do that you can’t do yourself. It does take time and energy though and lots of bumbling along the way learning as you go. A recruiting service can help in that area. Trouble is some are VERY expensive and push you to purchase a bunch of add on packages driving up the price even more.

I had two kids go through the process. DD started getting attention in 8th grade. Didn’t need to do much to get noticed, but I was clueless about the process. I wish I’d have known about DFP back then to take advantage of all the great people here.

DS was in a completely different situation. He missed his junior year with a knee injury and was injured again to start his senior year. We used NCSA and I was very satisfied. The had an easy to use database with contact info for all schools in the country. Also was able to see what searches his profile appeared in and who looked at his profile. He ended getting a bunch of contacts from D3’s and NAIA schools. He decided not to play, but it was nice hehad the option to and I’m not sure I could have helped him do that on our own.

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