Pros and Cons of New Pitching Rule on Leaping

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Oct 31, 2014
What do you think disengaging from the ground means? Are you saying you will enforce a rule of how high the pitcher gets? Where is that rule? 1” off is ok but 6” is an illegal pitch?

You haven’t seen it in any rule book. It might be time to buy an updated rule book. Do you still think that the look back rule requires a pitcher to actually look at the runner?
I am not saying I am calling anything with the new pitching rule. I just stated to not be surprised if it is called when they leap like the pitcher in pic. Some coaches and umpires will interpret that as a replant.

And I get new rulebooks every year, and yes I spend a lot of time reading and studying them. Never once in any rulebook have I seen anything about a rule where they state to only enforce if they are getting an advantage? Or have I ever seen where is say this is the rule, but just ignore it, because there is no advantage gained!!!

What rulebook you been reading?

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