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Jun 6, 2016
Wondering if anybody has had a pitcher who has had occasional pain behind the knee.

A couple years ago, my #1 pitcher had the issue with her right leg. She missed about a month of pitching that summer. The doctors never did give her any real diagnosis.

Lately, she's had occasional pain behind the left knee. She says it's the same feeling as what she had before.

Obviously I'm not looking for a diagnosis, but since doctors previously didn't find anything structurally wrong, just wondering if anybody else has dealt with this.

Since it's unlikely she tore anything (she never felt any pops or anything, just soreness that happens/gets worse sometimes), my guess is there are knee parts compensating for tired/weak leg muscles, probably some inflammation in there. But since I'm as much of a doctor as Dr. Phil, what do I know?
Apr 12, 2015
PCL inflammation and something called a Baker's cyst are the two most common causes of pain behind the knee that I know of.

If its a Baker's cyst, you should be able to feel it on the back of the knee.
Jun 6, 2016
Do you know if she has had X-rays or MRIs of her knee. How old is this pitcher.

She's 15 now. Two years ago she did have something (I don't know if it was an x-ray or an MRI or what) on the right need and they didn't find anything. This left knee thing has just crept up recently, so she hasn't gone to the doctor for it.
Nov 20, 2020
SW Missouri
It's possible it's a result of compensating from the right leg pain. Or a number of other things. DD dealt with significant right knee pain between 12 and 13. Turned out it was a result of over compensation in the quad (she's already very quad dominant) from a weak core stemming from a big growth spurt. The core was stretched out and weak. After 4-weeks of PT focusing on flexibility in the hamstring/hips and core strength, no more knee pain. We continue the specific stretching exercises to this day and she does agility/strength training 2-3x a week. Not saying this is your pitcher's issue, but the pain being a result of something elsewhere could be likely.

We had to visit the sports medicine clinic that the local colleges use for their athletes to get the above figured out. Once they saw DD we almost got a "this is a piece of cake to fix" response. The "Bone & Joint" clinic only told us that the knee was where it should be and supporting ligaments were strong (not torn). Outside of that all they said was take R&R and possibly get a MRI.

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