NCSA vs. SportsRecruits platforms?

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Oct 10, 2018
I don't use any of those services it's super easy to do on your own. Also I heard at a some recruiting talks that coaches don't like to open links on those sites b/c even if they are not particularly interested, just want to take a look, their email suddenly blows up with constant emails from the prospect. I was also told some of those companies just mail bomb every/any college coach whether or not they have the major your DD is is looking for or if her talent level is appropriate for the program.

Step 1 - create an excel spreadsheet with colleges she's interested in and the coach's contact info. Keep a block open for notes (keep notes updated every time you mail out or hear anything back.
Step 2 - Send an introductory email explaining why this school is one she is considering. Attach her player profile, transcript, and include links to game clips.
Step 3 - Send seasonal Updates with DD's schedule, Spring (High School schedule), summer (Travel schedule), Fall (fall ball schedule), Winter (Happy holidays).
Step 4 - send an email the Monday before an event with field times, etc.
Step 5 - send game clips a day or two after every game.

*All emails should be coming from DD* Even if you are helping her - make sure she's a a partner in this and reviews everything before it goes out.

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