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Jun 3, 2021
I wrap sushi with tea leaves I couldn’t read.

Dogsport giraffes make the best sandwiches.
Lunchables and sushi. I was hungry. Quick meal and a fragile bite. Hand in hand with current bat manufacturing. Quick satisfaction hot out of the wrapper. Used to have to shave a bat for it to last this little. And in mens league U trip we hit balls over 400’ regularly. Guys playing worlds and all.
Oct 4, 2018
Our head coach’s DD I previously spoke about says quite a few bats on her team broke during the season. D1 Rawlings team swinging Mantras. I imagine it happens quite a bit and we just don’t hear about it.

She did say they use the same bat for everything. So it’s not like they had a BP bat and a gamer.

We practice with an older team in the same Org. This team won a big National Championship. In one "end of practice" drill, they each get three pitches from the coach. Total meatballs. Almost every girl hits all three over the fence. We parents go into the parking lot and shag/dodge bombs - it's fun.

All the girls use a Ghost. Every single one.

Amongst them all they've broken one or two bats within a year.

I honestly think Ghost break because little Sally is hitting the ball off the handle/connection.
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