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Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
Not one of those but in gloves in general. You would probably have nightmares if you saw my DD'S glove. She uses a Akadema AJB 74. I have bought 5 if them on Amazon for roughly $100 a piece. They tend to get floppy. I have tried to get her in other gloves but she has resisted.
Yeah, you really can't make a comparison between a $100 Akadema and that new Horween Pro12TC like OsDad just bought!! Not even close!


Wilson = Evil Empire
DFP Vendor
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
I’m going to say no, but I’m also going to say I’m not 100% sure that’s the correct answer!

On the Mizuno, just like the one Core has, it’s actually called the Ichiro web! The center vertical post is actually laced to the glove shell itself unlike a Rawlings Six-finger where the center post is actually part of the glove shell. The Mizuno post is removable!

So I’m going to say the Mizuno Ichiro is not a Six-finger web, also the Mizuno has the lace wrap at the top of the web to reinforce the top bar somewhat similar to a Mod-Trap?

Never used a Ichiro before, but people say the Pro-Limited is a dream glove to use! You’ve got to have serious @CoreSoftball20 money to own / use a Pro-Limited!! They’re for the Elite only! ;)
Hahahahahahaha, you crack me up bud...i really need to meet you one day and have some
bevvies and shoot the sh!t. The only reason I have that glove...is because of my cost. It really just sits there and looks good in its fancy box :)

The glove is something special...and honestly, since you get one lifetime return to Japan to have
it completely releathered and anything else it needs...you are getting 2 of the best gloves in
the world for one price...when you think about it that way...its actually a pretty a good price. And include the Core discount :)

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