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Jun 6, 2016
Kirk Gibson one said that as a manager it was his job to know the rules as well as the ump. He would study sections of the rule book during the season to refresh his memory. His thought was as the manager he might have an opportunity to win a game by his knowledge of the rules and it was his responsibility to do so.

I agree with this. Where I run into trouble is that 95% of the time, I know the rule book better than the umpires. We don't get umpires who are anything like the umpires who post here, even for varsity level games.

I've missed out on opportunities to help my team with superior knowledge of the rules because the umpires don't have any idea what I'm even talking about.
May 16, 2021
That was a sarcastic/making a point question (I'm sure you knew that though :giggle: ).

However, thinking my comment through a little more ...

Advice to coaches: If you want to be a serious coach, GET THE RULEBOOK. I don't expect you to dive into it like I would expect an umpire to, but this way you can make yourself a better coach. The NFHS book is available in print and digitally for $7. USSSA and NCAA provide theirs online for free. USA Softball has an app you can get (I think it was $14-15 in 2019, I haven't updated since) and your state organization should have physical copies you can ask for.

Follow-up advice to coaches: NEVER bring the book or your app on the field.
Then why have it?

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