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Jul 14, 2017
What does your HS do to celebrate the end of the yr and award athletes their Varsity letters.

DD participated in a fall sport, where all 3 levels- freshmen, JV and Varsity enjoyed a banquet in a nice restaurant. Slideshow and official presentation of Varsity letters given. It was very nice.

For softball- freshman/JV did their own thing with a pizza party in school. Varsity got together after school in a park, bought snacks and were handed their letters. Pretty disappointing that DD made Varsity as a freshman and we weren’t there to cheer her on and there was no fanfare whatsoever. A very underwhelming way to wrap up the season.

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Feb 25, 2009
It is virtually impossible to get a team together for a banquet like other sports. In my experience, once HS ball is over, TB takes over and the girls are all over the place. We had ours yesterday but during the day. It was the only date where we could get the majority of the team together. I didn't go to it since I had to take care of my dad. They met at a local place that has a buffet and then, received letters and awards. Coaches also received gifts. I received a very generous gift card to a local eatery where my wife and often eat. Very generous! A player ran to to me last night.
Jul 14, 2010
Our team usually does a pot luck dinner at the high school, with superlatives given out (awards are done at the department-wide Sports Awards program with all other sports). The coach speaks about the season, the seniors give a farewell speech, we laugh and cry and go home.

This year, our new coach apparently didn't know we were supposed to have a dinner, so it didn't get planned until the week beforehand. The only date they could get the school was opening day of one of the biggest showcase tournaments in the area, so several girls couldn't make it. Several others, including one of the three seniors on the team, also couldn't go due to the late notice. So the dinner ended up being six or seven players and their parents.


Feb 20, 2012
GA plays HS softball in the fall, which made it a little easier to have a banquet since the players were still in school. Would be MUCH more difficult to put together if the players are out of school for the summer.
Aug 10, 2016
DD#1 (doesn't play softball but did play other sports) had both of her banquets on a Monday night at the school. It was all catered and each HC called each team up - Seniors got more recognition. But it would not have interfered with anything as it was just on a weeknight. DD#2 isn't in HS yet but our state does fall SB and they had their banquet after State was over - also on a weeknight. Varsity all get their letters or pins then.
Feb 17, 2014
We had ours about 2 weeks after the season ended. It included all 3 teams. I think there were 2 girls that couldn't make it. It was catered and food was provide for everyone, paid for by the booster club. One player even had both sets of grand parents there.

I think it is awesome. It is fun to hear the coaches give their insight into how all of the girls did over the season.
Oct 19, 2009
I'm right here.
This year we kicked it up a notch with a banquet at a local restaurant; we had a private room. Food for players and coaches, decorations and player awards & certificates were paid for by booster club; parents and family had to pay. All players of all teams were certainly included. We had a slide show and the coach handed out the player certificates after saying a few words about each player. Varsity letters were saved for the school spring award assembly.

Also...Each player secretly pulled a team members name (a few weeks prior) and created an "award" for that player; whatever they thought of for that player, it was up o each player. Some were serious (best/loudest team cheerleader, most dedicated player, etc.) some were funny (best crocks, coolest bat, etc.). When each player handed the award out they had to explain why they came up with that award. Each player got a funny (non-softball) trophy to go along with the award. This was a big hit as no one knew who picked who or what the award was going to be or what the surprise trophy was going to be for that player.

The whole night was great and a nice happy way to close out the season.

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