Hip or Knee issue when pitching

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Aug 21, 2008
OK, got to qualify this. I’m a long time baseball coach, and a noob softball coach.

The side by side videos are a great idea.

The viewing angles are a little different, but from the comparison, both pitchers seem to be finishing with the right foot to the left of their pivot foot but there are a couple differences.

However the bottom pitcher seems to be striding more or less straight to the catcher, while your daughter seems to be striding well to the right of the catcher.

Another difference is the bottom pitcher is firing her hips counter-clockwise toward the catcher while your daughter’s hips seem to be locked up.

Not sure about how much that would affect accuracy, but pretty sure it results in a loss of power, and maybe potentially stress/strain injury.

Like I said, I’m way behind the power curve of learning softball, so I may be totally off base.
Take how you throw a ball overhand, flip it upside down... that's the basic premise for softball pitching. "Overhand, upside down". There's a great number of similarities in overhand/underhand pitching. If you look up my name, Bill Hillhouse, on YouTube, look up the Fastpitch TV show. They're several years old now and he doesn't do the show anymore but, the archives are still there (or they were months ago). Anyway, I think there's a 3 part "coaches clinic" I did that's on that Fastpitch TV show. Take a look at that and see if it makes sense. I do a fair number of baseball/softball pitching comparisons.

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